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Welcome to my page!

Welcome peoples! I'm Nestly and this is my cool-ass profile!
You're probably here because I own Wyngro, but if you need help concerning that group, go to the group and not me personaly!

American | Straight | Friendly | Single Loser | Dog Trainer | Scatterbrain | Hates cooking | Sucks @ spelling | Is a Wallabat??


About meeee: I've been here forever. Veteran Deviant!
My favorite thing about art is making fun, developed characters that everyone loves, and story-telling!
But I dabble in all forms of art.
I'm also one of the only extreme extroverts you'll find on DeviantArt. Please don't be afraid to approach me!
(I'm down to earth and I don't sugar coat things, but I swear I'm not mean. And I don't hold grudges. I love to help people and leanr from them as well.)

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I've been on DeviantArt a long time... how long have you been following me?

A small note to all who stop by!

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Nestly's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Wanna note me? Please do NOT note me about Wyngro stuff! Note Wyngro instead!!

Occupation: Wyngro HELL & Dog Walker
Current Residence: Madison, WI (USA)
Current Obsessions: Wyngro (doi!), Hey Arnold!, Steven Universe, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, PokemonGO
Personal Quote: Arrku. '^'

Wanna stalk me? I post a lot of life shit on Instagram!


DUDE. AWESOME custom pet portraits on wood. Check them out now they are SO stupid cheap.
Custom Pet Portrait Ornaments by Evrott
I have the ones she did of my dogs hanging on my wall and LOVE THEM!!
Deku Pixel Woods by Nestly
She even did custom fonts for them!

Donated Designs and Netflix! May take custom Runeboos for $64 if anyone is interested. 
"Ghosting" people is bullshit. Be a goddamn adult and communicate instead of being a fucking pussy about it.

Late night streams for Patreon YCHs and other stuffs! Let's do dis. 
Horse by Nestly

Learned how to draw an anatomically correct, realistic horse the other day from the amazing expertise of Annowre ! Super challenging, but really fun to learn! Thanks Leigh!


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Lightningwolf710 Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Hi there, can I ask you something if you're available?
Nestly Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You just did. ;D
Lightningwolf710 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago

Either way, I've been trying to get Joltex a mate this month and I've had no success. Think you could help me find my Wyngro a mate somehow? Also, I have no plans for Joltex other than getting a mate. Do you think you can help me come up with ideas for what my Wyngro could do, such as an adventure of some sort?

Also, I'm curious on how you make an open species group and what to do. How do you do it?
Nestly Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa partner, them's a lot of big questions!

Sadly no, I cannot help you find a mate for your wyngro, haha. That would be like asking me to make friends for you. 
You can't just jump around and slap your character to everyone you see and be like, "Hey wanna be my character's mate?" without fully developing them and advertising them in someway, be it through subtle interactions and intriguing story. 
I would suggest focusing on building story for your characters and including other people's characters as friends or inclusions to those stories, rather than hyper-focusing on "LOVE INTERESTTTT" ya know? But if that truly is your one and only intention, then you could always just pair him up with one of your own wyngrew. 

Creating an open species group spawns first from a good idea and concept you can't find anywhere else. If you don't have those things, you can't start. 
But again, I can't tell you how to be creative in such a general sense. You have to discover that on your own! 
But I do talk about the successfulness of Wyngro a bit here if that helps:

A Guide to Evolving Species a How to be successfulUPDATE: Ever since I uploaded this I've been seeing so many Wyngro rip-offs it's not even funny. Come on you guys, this journal was not an "OK" to go make a Wyngro duplicate, it was encouraging you to go in a different direction. x'D 
Plz stop tracing our resources and copying upgrades/ideas etc. If you make an evolving species please don't do it if all you can focus on is how to copy everything so exact. You will make Nestly sad. 8'(
There’s a stigma that’s been around here for a long time, and still it lingers like the smell of foul eggs. So before I start talking about the tips and tricks of evolving species, I want to first clear the air here.
The stigma is: If you take someone else’s concept, you’re stealing. You’re group is a rip-off. You’re unoriginal. You’re a disgrace.
Need I go on?
People think that when someone takes another person’s idea and tweaks it to make their
Nissa01 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you for the llama! You have a lovely artstyle! 
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