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Are you readyyyy?? 
Here are the contenders! I tried to choose an array of different personalities, mix of wynglings vs. adults, and I hope it's a fun time!

88Aurora88 - “Marceline”

PAlRO - “Castor”

RainfoxArts - “Angel”

Bat-Symphony - “Artemis”

Mamiyu - “Slow”

TopazOwl - “Firo”

Knux33 - “Grog”

CherryTrabbit - “Pish”

Story List by Nestly

Okay! Now that the order is here, it's time to see what words I'm given! 

3wordthingy by Nestly






Okay guys. Stay tuned for part one soon! <'D
Aurora... I will tag you when I post my entry! 

(Hahaha I bit off a lot didn't I?) 


I'll be picking later today, so if you want to play the game, sign up soon and don't wait!

(This is for my Wyngro group only!)


Alright guys, I’ve got the weekend off, and I just came up with the most outrageous, silly, and fun collab challenge ever and I want to try it out. So for this collab, it’s going to start with me writing a story with my character, and someone else’s character, and 3 randomly generated words that I HAVE to somehow use in the story. Using this website:…\


The idea is for one artist to start their story and for other artists to try and continue the story, using new characters that join in, along with a new set of randomly generated words. Each artist will draw a picture to go with the story, post the story in the description, and post it to the group gallery! (Submit it under stories) This story collab is 8 parts and when one artist posts a part, the next one must come in to continue the story! Sound fun right?


Now, not every word is going to be super canon in Wyngro, so say you get, like:


"bead periodic american"


Just reroll the american and use whatever the next 1st word is. So I got:




Oooo this sounds interesting, right? Now I have to use the 3 words:


"Tragic bead periodic"


Try not to “cheat” and reroll okay? It’s a challenge! Keep it challenging!


So how do we play? First, apply below if you want to play!


I’ll be selecting 8 participants and randomly assigning them a number. That number will depict which part of the story they write!

Once everyone is picked, I'll assign them a number. The person who gets #2 will be the Wyngro I will be having tagged along with Nymble in whatever adventure my randomly generated words give me, haha. Once I finish my part, #2 person has to continue the story using these two characters. They draw a deviation to go with the story, post it up, add the story in the description, and TAG the next artist in line! Now #3 person has to continue the story, introducing their character somehow into the story! More and more characters join the story and none of them can be written out of the story, so make sure to try and include them all somehow as we get farther along! And it continues until #8 person has finished their part. Make sure all of your parts are continuous and "LEAD IN" to more being able to be added. (Don't try and end it) 
I'll come in at the end to try and tie everything up into a neat little bow.
(I started this mess. Let's see how hard it will be to finish with 8 freaking characters! LOL I'm gonna die)



If you wanna join, keep these things in mind!


-Only apply if you’re a decent writer. No amateurs! Make sure you use punctuation, break up your sentences, and generally have decent writing skills.

-You will be expected to draw out the scene you write, so after you write out your story, draw a scene from it, (It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just something!)

-Be prompt! Once your turn rolls around, you’ve got a total of 3 DAYS to get your part done! Yes this is a challenge! Be prepared! If 3 days rolls by and nothing is submitted, you’ll be dropped out and the next person in line will take over!

-Try and pick a character that is easy for you to use, and one you’ve developed most of all so that they’re easy for other people to understand how to “write” their personality!
-You can ask people vague questions about how their wyngro would react to things if you want and are reeeaally stumped, but the point of the exercise is to try and portray them to the best of your own abilities on your own. 
-Try to write a small chapter but don't get into novel territory, basically. haha. (generally go for around 200-800 words)


Fill out the form and comment below!


Wyngro you’ll be using:

Quick analysis of their personality: (The more detail, the better! But don't write a novel!)

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:



Comment below and I will pick 8 people within the next day or so! (I’ll pick people based on how good their writing skills are and how creative they appear to be. NOT on their art! If I can’t decide I might use a RNG lol)


Some things to keep in mind!


-This is MY event purely for fun. Not an official event. But I might make some kind of fun item thing or whatever if it turns out fun/if I feel like it.

-NO SALT. Not everyone will portray your character on par. You don’t have to consider it canon if you don’t want. Take a deep breath, laugh, and move on. It’s all for fun. Use it as an opportunity to practice portraying your character more clearly in the future!

-Drama llamas will be cut loose instantly. I’ve no tolerance for it.

-You do NOT need to know me or be my friend. I’m excited to meet new artists for this. COME TRY OUT! DON’T BE SHY.

-I might do more in the future if it turns out fun.

-Wyngrew adults or wynglings allowed!


Okay that’s it! :D Apply below come on come on!

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Header image of Nestly by: Stormful
Thank you!! :heart:

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TopazOwl Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
woop, let's do this
88Aurora88 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017   Digital Artist
Yeeessss, I'm so excited for this! Gonna be a lot of fun! :D
CherryTrabbit Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh man yessss!!! 
At the the same time ooooh noo I'm last, bring on the challenge ;D
I'm so stupidly excited for this
Nestly Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg I know you got the biggest challenge of all!! x"DDD But hopefully the path will be led enough to take over without having to think as much at least!
Bat-Symphony Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using: Artemis  Going full majestic by Bat-Symphony

Quick analysis of their personality: 
Without a doubt, Artemis is one of the most stoic and quietest wyngro one would ever meet. Even in the most chaotic of situations, one could see Artemis keep a calm facade throughout the whole ordeal. She's fearless and persistent, never giving up until the job is done or compromise is met. She's harsh on her words, but cooperative to the point of straying far out her comfort zone. One last quirk about her is that she does things before letting anyone know; whether is pulling a lever or pushing someone stubborn down a hill to get them going. 

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: 1: Confrontation

FlightArtz Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wyngro You Will Be Using: Cinder.       Untitled by FlightArtz  

Quick Analysis Of Thier Personality: Cinder is a loving, selfish Wyngro who doesn't really care about his own well being unless someone starts to worry about him, He loves all animals, coatala, runeboos, etc. Cinder will always stand for what's right and tries his best to always look on the brighter side of things and he will not stand for anything or anyone who causes harm to others, and he does not like anyone who messes with anyone he cares about and he loves to cook and bake in his free time when he's not working or flirting with any female Wyngro.

Link to some deviatation depicting your story-telling skills:…
Nydroki Featured By Owner Edited Jun 24, 2017  Hobbyist

Hope I'm not too late! It's already night, oops.
Wyngro you’ll be using: Ace 

Quick analysis of their personality: Ace is a very energetic, confident and ambitious wyngling who prides himself on his intellectual abilities. This wyngling enjoys arguing and talking about subjects he finds interesting, and once he starts, it gets hard to shut him up. Although he won't go out of his way to be mean to anyone without a reason he deems to be very good, he tends to be blunt and a little insensitive, with his sarcastic comments and honesty. His self-esteem is also a little too high, and he's always looking for ways to prove himself. He finds normal and repetitiveness to be quite boring, so he's often seeking new challenges and experiences. As he is getting older, he's becoming better at strategic planning, and that, mixed with his confidence, is starting to turn into a natural leader in the right situations.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:Fancy Cloth Obtained (Not the best example, but it's the only one I have.)

knux33 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using: Grog!  Grog's Changes by knux33

Quick analysis of their personality: Optimistic (Glass half-full kinda guy), Peacemaker (would rather de-escalate tense situations if possible or help folks get along), Steadfast (if he volunteers for a job or is given a job, he gets it done), Content (You won't see this guy often seeking more than what he's got), Helpful (Likes to help others out when he can), Treehugger (Loves plants and the earth, makes a living farming), Loyal (The only time you'll likely get a rise out of this generally chill guy is if you badmouth those he considers close friends or family. Don't do it yo.)

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:

Looking ForwardThe reality settled in as the pouch began to show. Todd fiddled aimlessly with the loose flap of skin, the sun slowly beginning to rise. The quad had swiped a melon from some unfenced farm and while alone had tried fitting the small undergrown fruit into the pouch, just to see what it felt like. And, honestly, because it was more convenient than carrying the thing all the way up the overgrown hill she wanted to get to the top of. It wasn’t too far out of town, and offered a decent view of Wynsiph. She and Crow had found it after following another pair of romantics back during Heartkindle, and the gray bipedal had spouted about how romantic it was and how the beautiful view was nothing compared to her eyes.
As Todd sat at the top of the hill alone, watching the dawn break over the mountains and slowly giving light to the waking town, she couldn’t help but think it wasn’t all that special. It was the same damn sunrise that happened every day, the same damn wyngrew down

88Aurora88 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017   Digital Artist
I gotta try, this sounds like fun!

Wyngro you'll be using: Ultimate Marceline Ref by 88Aurora88

Quick analysis of their personality: Although she usually isn't intentionally mean, Marcy doesn't have much of a filter and tends to hurt other wyngrew's feelings without even realizing it, as she doesn't quite take the feelings of other's into account when she talks to them. For the most part, she's just making playful jabs towards them, but tends to take it a little too far sometimes. She also thinks it's funny if someone finds her scary looking and enjoys scaring others (because, again, she thinks it's funny). On the plus side, Marcy is super chill and doesn't normally get upset easily (although every so often she'll run into someone who just gets under her skin without even trying). If you can somehow get past her rough exterior, however, you'll have a loyal friend that would go out of her way to help her friends. She'll probably bitch about it the whole time, but she'll be there for you.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:
Why Did It Have to be Gurps, The New Arrival, Marcy's Earth IL: A Small Annoyance

Alue666 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017  Student General Artist
i muuuusssstttt

Wyngro: George's ref

Quick analysis of his personality: the outdoor is George's specialty, being semi-feral, he would only fight any wyngro if they are agressive towards him or if they touch any of his jewelry he constantly wears (it offends him greatly). other than that he is friendly and protective, befriending this gro would result in him risking his own hide for those he cares about. George is all about seeing new areas and places, but he can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things he dislikes to do. 

deviantion for writing skills: the family meets Flashe  Broken, but saved (part 1)  Cracked Shell
TernOnADime Featured By Owner Edited Jun 24, 2017

Wyngro you’ll be using: Polaris ( Summertime sadness )

Quick analysis of their personality: Polaris is first and foremost very gentle, he is delicate and careful with everything he does. This is largely due to a pressing fear of doing something wrong, he is weighed down heavily by social pressures and feels a pressing desire to be 'perfect.' He is always desperate to be helpful where he can, but he is also incredibly skittish. This leads him to avoid social situations he feels he cannot handle, which are many. He is sweet and always giving, but, often forgets what is his to give. For example, accepting two wynglings into his home without consulting his mate. He can't really say no, no matter what, and is naive and easily manipulated. But, he is generally a very happy and very sweet little bean, just trying to get by and make friends. He is slow going and likes to take his time, not being the brightest, sometimes it takes him some time to figure things out. But he'll always give anything a firm try.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:… ( just a little segment of something I'm writing )

Kiricorn Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
This challenge was made for me.

Character: Khephri

Hyperactive adventuring kid with a knac for getting lost. He loves to stay out after dark and take dumb risks. He loves sugary food and animals of all kinds. Part of the reason he wants to learn lighting magic is becuase he finds electricity much like his personality jolting and fast paced. And with his random weekly/daily animal friends he's gonna take on life his own special way.

Story Link:
Peaches-n-Charlotte Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student General Artist
Here's my 2 cents

Wyngro you’ll be using:
(Too the right) peaches-n-charlotte.deviantart…

Quick analysis of their personality:
Kind and sweet with a heart of gold and a big fan of chocolate. Solestia likes having adventures but does need a rest every once in a while. Sometimes she's quick witted and will come up with ideas or plans which she calls "mindslposions" though many of those ideas backfire. She likes to crack jokes sometimes and will occasionally be sarcastic but doesn't do mean jokes meant to harm others. Atimes she's oblivious but thats a rarity*. She will cry in dire situations, sometimes taking control and sometimes losing control. Solestia's also used to weirdness because of the kind of freinds she has, though will be a bit confused if its by someone who's a stranger to her.

*(see what i did there, hint hint, wink wink)

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:
nectwaii Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish to join

Wyngro you’ll be using: /skio reference sheet/ 

Quick analysis of their personality: Skio is very chill and will only react outrageously in grave danger or something. He's basically a stereotypical surfer dude but he has a passion for... cooking?

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: /redd | one/ 
mistyfoxheart Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student General Artist

• Wyngro you’ll be using:
Independent Basic Fire HW, Increased body temp pt. by mistyfoxheart My Forfeit by mistyfoxheart (they also now have slit pupils, teeth, and tail fluff. I just haven't posted the drawing that depicts these, and I have removed the bandage on their cheek as that wasn't gonna scar over and healed rather quick)

• Quick analysis of their personality:

Caro is an energetic wyngro, but can become extremely protective and serious if they need to be. They don't get as emotional anymore since their adopted daughter, Mira, hatched from her egg. Caro enjoys the night more than anything and enjoys making new friends. They tend to be a little more reserved when it comes down to more about their interest in sexuality, negative emotions, and interest in others gros as a partner.

Caro wears the harness that they got when they were only two weeks old (although it had to be altered to fit them as a quad)

They walk with slightly awkward Grace since the attack, causing the scars on their lower back, having possibly a chipped spine where the claws entered in.

Caro has both a feminine and masculine, leaning towards more masculine. They have a more scratchy voice. They won't raise their voice or "scream"; however, when they do it comes out at a higher pitch.

• Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:
(This one is a shorter one)  Ummmm... WHY!? by mistyfoxheart
What's This? by mistyfoxheart

Heighten the Defences by mistyfoxheart

PAlRO Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wyngro you'll be using:
Castor Reference by PAlRO

Brief description of personality:

Castor is an adventurous, imaginative, and energetic wyngling who is always on the go. He's almost never found indoors, even when it rains, and is quick to make up imaginary adventures to the wildest made up places even then. Most of his time is spent wandering the woods near the nook for cool rocks, feathers, bugs, ect. He is quick to show off his collection to anyone willing at the nook or around town, usually to the point of annoying adults and some of the other kids by showing them EVERY time he comes back with a new rock.

Though Castor is excitable and friendly, he can also be pretty impulsive and naive. More often than not he's eager to jump head first into a situation without thinking first and is the kind to ask forgiveness, not permission. This rash decision making process often leads to him getting in trouble one way or another and most of the time bringing another wyngro into it with him. Castor is also stubborn as a bull for better or for worse. On one end he sticks to his ideals and will stay by his friends until the end. On the other end of it, he won't ever admit he's wrong, will never give up in fights or arguments, and would NEVER admit he's gotten everybody lost while exploring...

Writing examples:

OUTSIDERA pitch black skydancer ran across the sands of the boneyard with urgent speed. His feathered body was covered in gashes and bites and his face bled heavily from a mangled eye. The diseased sands kicked up into his wounds and stung him like a knife, but still he ran with speeds unmatched.
Behind him the hounds sounded out and the dragons shouted. Despite running through half of the starfall isles and through the maze of the wandering contagion, he was still pursued. They wanted him dead and would see to that with their own claws.
The skydancer jerked to one side with a sudden stop and dug his claws into the sand as he spread his wings to fly away. His wounds seared with pain and his muscles ached, but he flapped his wings regardless and let out a cry. His legs left the earth as his body cried with him. He lifted forward and up, a few inches then a few feet. The howls were close now.
He could only get a few feet off the sand, but he tried with every bit of energy he had left to propel h

Haven't done any serious writing for wyngro yet, so have a Flight Rising story!
Mamiyu Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017

Wyngro you’ll be using:  Slow Reference Sheet by Mamiyu

Quick analysis of their personality: Slow is easygoing and light-hearted. She sees the good in most people and appreciates all of their quirks and flaws. In this way she can be seen as both selfless and naive, leaving her to be vulnerable to getting taken advantage of. Since she hasn't had much of a worldly experience, she lacks much of what one would call "common sense" and won't know the meaning to any popular lingo or many common idioms. But, with her tendency to be too optimistic about what others know, she is eager to learn things that she has no idea of.

But when it comes to herself, Slow doesn't see much of a person. She has little self confidence and despises many of her qualities.

Voice ref: Kinda deep but vaguely feminine. Slow speaker (.5x regular talking speed).

tl;dr - Kind cinnamon roll, self loathing, naive

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:

DifferentShe was different.
She knew from the get-go that she had a few… habitual differences than all the other wyngro alongside her. It shouldn’t have been much of a problem to make friends regardless, she thought from day to day, but as time passed that seemed to be less and less possible.
She couldn’t catch up.
The only thing really keeping her together were the few friends she’d made. She kept Payo and Dew as close as possible. But time proved to be a recurring adversary; Payo went missing not long after she had grown, and she hadn’t seen Dew in ages.
On a lonely night in the nook, Slow awoke after another one of her nightmares. She sighed and thought, ‘Again’, as she lay motionless on her bed. She wasn’t going to try and sleep again just to meet another nightmare, so she bounded down her bed and left the room.
She wandered, as quietly as she could throughout the Nook if only to pass time or get everything out of her mind. S

vapordog Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using: Oh no 

Quick analysis of their personality: Rouge is a generally sassy Wyngro. She's always got a quick and witty snap for everyone she meets, making her difficult to get along with and even talk to. If you manage to befriend her, she's still sassy and mean, but a bit on the.. kinder side. She'll do stuff for you and speak to you like a person and not an animal or creature. One of her favorite quotes are "Why is everyone so stupid?!"
And other mean, harmful, and offensive quotes and sayings.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:
Rouge's Accessory
Upgrades galore 

CherryTrabbit Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Heck yes this sounds awesome fun!
Wyngro you’ll be using:  Pish Ref Sheet by CherryTrabbit I Gave Him The Boots by CherryTrabbit

Quick analysis of their personality:
Pish is a rather chaotic force, always opting for the more dramatic option. Heck just see Pish's Emotions and how much he exaggerates them. Anything to get the eye rolls and groans from others, including telling awful puns or leading things into cliche movie-type tropes. 
This leads into a lot of impulsive, careless bravery, you know, theatrically volunteering to fight for others *clenches fist* 
He loves having others around, what's the point of all the above if he doesn't have an audience. Admittedly he will be like this anyway, but it's more fun with others (friends or otherwise). He does tend to get carried away sometimes though, running off with his ideas without noticing he's left the others behind. He'll notice the silence eventually. 
Honestly the more ridiculous a situation the better, you can actually see the cells of his body simultaneously vibrate with excitement the more wild things around him become. He only really gets angry if people ruin a perfectly good build up to a punchline or point out the issues with his plans (you don't need to go get a cape for this Pish). Otherwise, he's pretty good at rolling with stuff to make it fit into the crazy stage that is his life. Although, there is a hidden anger when people are being jerks, he handles this by making comical comments like he's a passive aggressive jester that ultimately leads to the bully being either too confused or embarrassed to carry on. 
Not much can really scare him, he'll look at a monster and find a way to challenge it to battle. It's unknown whether he's aware he can actually die. 
Oh yeah, and don't bring up that time a Wyngling stole candy from him
(I tried to include different emotional scenarios) 

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:
Building the Shindig Shack [Part 1]
New Injuries

TopazOwl Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

This sounds like it'll be really interesting to do. Good writing practice too, I never get to write enough 0v0

Wyngro you’ll be using:

Firo ref

Quick analysis of their personality: 
He is a bit of a scaredy cat, awkward, very easily startled and really not very intimidating. He tries his best to be brave, but he is really just a cinnamon roll. He really wants to make new friends but he doesn't know how and always gets really shy around new people, though becomes more comfortable around people he knows well. His self-esteem is pretty low and he always doubts himself, but he tries his best to get through it. Firo enjoys reading, especially fantasy and adventure books, he loves how brave the characters are and the cool stuff they do, he also enjoys writing stories for the same reason. He cares very deeply about his friends and gets very excited when he finds something interesting. 

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: 
here's 3 Child Obtained!, AloneBug Catching Contest!!

Kerrah34 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Student General Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using: Piff 

Novo's Potion: Buttwings!!! (sorry I don't have digital, my tablet pen broke, but the new one is coming tomorrow!!:D (Big Grin)

Quick analysis of their personality: Piff is a jumpy, shy wyngro, but he does try to make an effort to get out of his box! He gets flustered easily, and is a think first, then act kind of 'gro. He tries to stay out of harm's way, but will do anything with good reason for others! He absolutly loves nature, and especially loves nights when the moon is out. Some have said to have seen him just walking around at night or just looking up at the sky for hours. Piff loves puzzles, which is why he likes old artifacts, but can't really do anything with the 'pieces' he finds because one, he can't get all the information because he can't fully decipher things in museums (no touchy!) and, since he thinks ahead, he is too afraid to seek out clues by himself. Also, he usually keeps his thought to himself, he doesn't want others to be offended or think he is a bit off.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: uh, heh... I don't really have any writings on deviantart, but if it counts, I was on my school's PenOhio varsity team and almost went to states! (all my pieces got 2nd placeSweating a little...

Nestly Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooooo gotta give me something to see your writing skills though! <8')
Kerrah34 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Yep... I don't post any of my writings because they have nothing to do with what I'm doing.
Can't wait to see what you and the others come up with!
RainfoxArts Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Fdude this is gonna be a blast xDD

Wyngro you'll be using: 
Angel's reff by RainfoxArts

Quick analysis of their personality:
A bashful music lover. Is very friendly actually, but won't go out a lot. He has a thing for calmness and coziness, so chasing puckoos or mudfights are not his cup of tea. He can be awkward if thrown in a situatkon he did not expect. Is very emotion-driven. (there's a bit of extra info on the reff too)

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: 
chill. by RainfoxArts

TheLooneyCharboa Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Damn it

Wyngro you’ll be using: Edmund reference Sheet by TheLooneyCharboa  

Quick analysis of their personality:

-He's a workaholic who finds value in hard work and strives to do his very best and loves challenges.

-He suffers from Anxiety, as he almost always has something to stress or worry about. 

-He can be a bit unintentionally controlling, meaning he naturally takes charge and responsibility for situations as well as those who are close to him.  This is because of his instinct to get things done and in a perfect way, as well as his nature of being a care-taker.

-He can often be a stick in the mud, coming off as really cold or emotionless, as he is often humorless and mostly no-nonsense. 

-Being shy and introverted, he often finds it hard to approach people, or ask for help (mostly because he doesn't want to burden anyone with his trouble however that may be or admit weakness).
 -He can also have a bit of a "silent ego" when it comes to magic.  Not meaning he's narcissistic and thinks he's better at magic than anyone else, he just holds himself very high without admitting it or any of his faults in it. This has led to him becoming somewhat obsessive with magic, going to great lengths to learn and practice it.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: The Last Straw 

OwletBirb Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using: Flare
Flare Wyngro Reference Sheet by OwletAbode

Quick analysis of their personality: Flare is someone that is very outgoing, and loves to socialize. She has a lot of crushes currently due to her being a bit in her teenager years.  The main person she likes, she met in her Magic classes.  She also currently has some unusual shy behavior around people that she likes.  Flare may sometimes get on the nerves of people that are more introverted.  Flare for a name is actually very fitting due to the fact that she is a bright personality most of the time.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:  .:WG:. A Little Too Hot (Story Included!) by OwletAbode

CherryDrip Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
woah this sounds really cool
ccacticat Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wyngro you'll be using: Chance

Quick analysis of their personality: Happy-go- lucky! Chance Is super bubbly and fun loving. He is adaptable to a lot of situations, and loves meeting new wyngrew! Though he is not very bright, and often isn't reliable in serious situations. He often comes off as annoying.

Link to deviation depicting story-telling skills: Not My Momma--Lucid Nightmare--Moment's peace--Fashion Fiasco--A Fateful Meeting
I'm no professional when it comes to writing, but I do try to keep proper grammar, and spelling!
And this sounds like a fun way to improve

( I hope it's alright I linked all those stories! They are my favorite ones, and they all connect)
Charliebug3 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using:
Savannah Ref Sheet by Charliebug3  

Quick analysis of their personality: Kind and adventurous, not afraid to kick someone's butt if needed.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: (oh dear here we go)…

wittywerds Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wyngro you’ll be using: My wyngling Clemence!  Tending to nature by wittywerds

Quick analysis of their personality: Clemence is a sweet girl, but she can be shy around those she isn't familiar with. Still, she tries her best to be polite towards others; feeling more trustworthy of adults as she deems them being wiser and always knowing whats best. Overall an obedient girl, however albeit a bit too curious for her own good as she's a bit of a nosy kid that likes getting the scope of everything the adults get into.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:  Tears of joy by wittywerds

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Wyngro you’ll be using: 
Nara by Scylla77  

Quick analysis of their personality: Generally unfriendly and snarky to strangers, but a kind and loyal friend once you get to know her. 

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: Follow If You Dare - Part I

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Holy heck, this does sound fun! I can't wait to see the finished story!!! 
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Wyngro you’ll be using: Chandler

Quick analysis of their personality: When she grew up, she tried to become kinder, although still likes to prank and can be mean sometimes. Very good at arguing

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills: Hide me

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Comment too old to edit but I'm updating this! (I need mental help rn there is a freaking spider over my head)

Wyngro you'll be using: Chandler

Quick analysis of their personality: When Chandler was a wyngling, she was stubborn and mean, kinda rude. She was a loner with no intention of being friends with anyone. However, much later when she got into an incident with one of her fellow wyngro, she decided she had to go out and make friends, she couldn't be a loner forever.

So she went and grew up, and from that day on she tried to become nicer. Nowadays, she tries to become friendlier to others and interact with them. She loves wynglings and caring for them. She is kind and caring towards new friends and old ones (liek she had any). She will randomly ask questions about themselves, but she's not a joke-cracker. In fact, jokes make her cringe because it reminds her of how rude she was as a wyngling. But she tries to change to be nicer. She likes a challenge and won't accept one if anyone goes easy on her. 

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skillz: Hide me
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"COME TRY OUT! DON'T BE SHY" Nes you gonna scare everyone away with that XD

Maybe I'll join though,

Wyngro you’ll be using: Delta

Quick analysis of their personality: Delta is a bubbly little wyngro, she loves to swim and hunt. Delta is stubborn as hell and you cannot get her to do something she doesn't want to so. She is also very loyal and protective and will protect her friends and family at all cost.

Link to some deviation depicting your story-telling skills:Okay? and Faded Pt. 3 give some good examples of how I write

Delta Final Baby Form by Sandue

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